Sunrise Ritual
Calling The Sacred Beat
Shaman's Dance
Path With A Heart
Within The Cloud Lodge
Spirit Vision
Mother Earth, Father Sky
Gift Of The Eagle
Flowering Tree
Rainbow Hoop
Prayer For The Four Directions
Sunset Ceremony
Call Of The Medicine Drum
Descent To The Lowerworld
Dancing For A Vision
Power Animals
Guardian Spirit
Return Journey
Sun Rise In Peace
Secret Fountain
Nature Spirits
East Wind Awaken - Dream Body
South Wind Meeting - Spirit Animal
West Wind Receiving - Sun Blessing
North Wind Renewal - The Upper World
Daybreak Appears
It Shall Be Beautiful
The Long-Life Makers
In the Wide Land I Walk
Where the Waving Branches Meet
Long Feathers in the Wind
Who Love the Rain
Increase without Fail
Drinking the Sweet Waters
Peace in Every Step
Earth Chakra, Part 1
Passion Chakra, Part 1
Power Chakra, Part 1
Heart Chakra, Part 1
Sound Chakra, Part 1
Vision Chakra, Part 1
Crown Chakra, Part 1
Earth Chakra, Part 2
Passion Chakra, Part 2
Power Chakra, Part 2