Classic Frisbee 90g Polybag, assorted colors Ah, summer! A Frisbee, a few friends and a glass of lemonade - what else do you need?
Aerobie 13C12 Pro Ring Outdoor Flying Disc - Colors May Vary My kids LOVE these. They fly amazingly far.
Fun Gripper - Grip Zone - TD Tie Dye 9" Soft Catch Frisbee for Kids - Flying Disc - Reversible Packable - Great Toy for Kids -Team Play -Tailgate - by : Saturnian 1 This is perfect for small children, or beginners. It's soft, so it doesn't hurt if it hits you, but it flies really well.
Pocket Disc Flying Disc - Crocheted Foldable Frisbee Toy Perfect for Both Kids and Adults - Supports Guatemalan Fair Trade - Savanna, Indoor Here's another soft Frisbee. This one can fit in your pocket!
Mikasa Playground Ball (Purple, 8.5-Inch) According to the reviews, this is the easiest kite to fly, ever!