Classic Frisbee 90g Polybag, assorted colors Ah, summer! A Frisbee, a few friends and a glass of lemonade - what else do you need?
Aerobie Pro Ring, Colors May Vary My kids LOVE these. They fly amazingly far.
Gripper Flyer 9" Small & Soft Flying Disc - Great For Kids This is perfect for small children, or beginners. It's soft, so it doesn't hurt if it hits you, but it flies really well.
PHD Pocket Disc Indoor - 7 Inch - PI21 Savanna Here's another soft Frisbee. This one can fit in your pocket!
Frustrationless Kite Handle with Line According to the reviews, this is the easiest kite to fly, ever!
Mikasa Playground Ball (Purple, 8.5-Inch) Here's an easy-to-hold kite handle for the little ones.