The Case for Christ Participant's Guide: A Six-Session Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus (Groupware Small Group Edition) The essential companion guide for a great Bible study of Sunday school series based on Strobel's DVD documentary.
The Real Jesus: A Defense of the Historicity & Divinity of Christ Conservative Christians will welcome this excellent and thoughtful challenge to the mythbusting methodology of Bultmann and the Jesus seminar.
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians I use clips from this series in my classes at Columbus State University which always stimulate rich discussion among my students.
The Case for Christ Veteran journalist and apologist, Lee Strobel assembles an impressive panel of scholars to refute the conclusions of the Jesus seminar.
ABC News Presents The Search for Jesus Respected ABC journalist, the late Peter Jennings, takes to the Holy Land to discover the historical Jesus based on the work of the Jesus Seminar.