The Four Gospels: A Study of Origins, Treating of the Manuscript Tradition, Sources, Authorship, & Dates B. H. Streeter's classic study proposing the now generally accepted Two and Four Source Hypotheses of the evolution of the Synoptic Gospels.
Rethinking the Synoptic Problem An outstanding collection of essays discussing the problematic relationship between the Synoptic Gospels edited by Black and Beck.
Three Views on the Origins of the Synoptic Gospels New Testament scholarship is dominated by three views of the origins of the Synoptic Gospels, explained and evaluated by leading conservative scholars.
Studying the Synoptic Gospels: Origin and Interpretation This introduction to the study origins and interpretative issues of the Synoptic Gospels is both substantial and accessible to all readers.
Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels Prof. Pheme Perkins’s of Boston College presents a balanced, responsible look at how the Synoptic Gospels came to be and what they mean.
A New Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels (Rhetorica Semitica) Prof. Meynet considers the composition of the Gospels as they were written and helps us to understand them in systematic and until now unexpected ways.
An Introduction to the New Testament (The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library) Part II of this comprehensive work of scholarship by Prof. Raymond Brown is devoted to the topic of the writing of the Gospels.
Survey of the New Testament, A (4th Edition) This is the standard text I used for many years for my undergraduate New Testament Survey class.
An Introduction to the New Testament Carson and Moo have written the definitive Old Testament introduction. I used this as the textbook for my graduate New Testament Introduction class.