The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History (Works of Mircea Eliade) Leading historian of religion, the late University of Chicago professor, Mircea Eliade explains what myths are and how they work.
The Bible Without Theology: The Theological Tradition and Alternatives to It In this fascinating and provocative text Robert Oden explains how and why biblical scholars have increasingly viewed the Bible as mythic literature.
The Life of Jesus: Critically Examined (Classic Reprint) Read the book that scandalized Europe in the mid 1800s, by the pioneer of Bible mythbusters.
Greek Mythology: An Introduction If you want to get to grips with the function of myth and the rise of the scientific study of myth you need look no further than Fritz Graf's introduction.
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians I regularly use clips from this series in my classes at Columbus State University which always stimulate rich discussion among my students.