The Hayford Bible Handbook When I served as a senior pastor I recommended Pastor Jack Hayford's excellent Bible Handbook to our church members.
How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth This is simply one of the most accessible and helpful guides to Bible study in print.
Receiving Divine Revelation: Invite the Holy Spirit to teach and guide you through scripture The late Dr. Fuchsia T. Pickett was a personal friend and mentor and one of the greatest "revelatory" Bible teachers of the last generation.
Self-Study Bible Course (Expanded) This is simply one of the best self-study Bible courses available. A great tool for personal growth as well as for group Bible study.
Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A Textbook of Hermeneutics I was introduced to this classic text on the art and science of Biblical interpretation by my first hermeneutics instructor, Rev. Carl Hecox. Thanks Carl!