Super Catch I love Velcro Ball! We played this for hours when my kids were smaller.
Wham-O Trac Ball Replacement Balls (Set of 3) Black & Red It's a good idea to have an extra set of balls for Velcro Ball. You can't use regular tennis balls if you lose the originals.
Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket with Ultra Rocket Refill Pack, 6 Rockets - Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift for Boys and Girls - Comes with Toy Rocket Launcher - Ages 5 Years Old and Up The manufacturer recommends this for ages 16 and up, but my kids enjoyed Stomp Rockets from age 4.
Fun-Air Scoop Ball This brings back happy childhood memories! This is a great game.
Wham-O 90073 Trac Ball Racket Toy Game, White, Large This is Scoop Ball for big kids. You can make the ball do some really cool curves and twists.
Speedminton Fun Set You can't use any old ball to play Trac Ball, so you might want to bring along some extras, just in case.