In the Beginning
Ivy Rose
Brazilian Sunset
Maple Leaf Rag
Moments Notice
A Fine Red
Big City
Notes in the Sand
7 Days, 7 Nights
New Brazil
Ticket to the Moon
The Sweetest Sound
Puzzle Pieces
My Lucky Day
The White Gown
Mountain Song
Better Days
The Great Escape
Take Another Way
Tele Chicken Pickin'
Moment in Time
Fantasy Score #1
Goodnight Moon
Fantasy Score #2
Looney Waltz
Sea of Italia
Fantasy Score #3
Big Bang!
Vince's Theme
In the Clear
The Difference You Make
A Little Itty Bitty Latin Ditty
Water's Edge
Peas 'n' Chicken
F Over G
East Coast Songo
September Seven Four
Waves of White
Love Song
Take the G Train
First Born
Open D
Vince's Theme
Suprise Me
Wonderful You
Nowhere to Hide
Your Life
This Changes Everything
I Think You Should Know
Strange Hours
Don't Waste My Time
White Picket Fences