Happy Together
It Ain't Me Babe
She'd Rather Be With Me
You Baby
Let Me Be
She's My Girl
Outside Chance
You Showed Me
Can I Get to Know You Better
Makin' My Mind Up
Guide For The Married Man
Think I'll Run Away
The Walking Song
Me About You
Happy Together
She'd Rather Be With Me
Too Young To Be One [Explicit]
Person Without A Care
Like The Seasons
Wanderin' Kind (Mono)
It Was A Very Good Year (Mono)
Your Man Said You Cried (Mono)
Eve Of Destruction (Mono)
Glitter And Gold (Mono)
Let Me Be (Mono)
Let The Cold Winds Blow (Mono)
It Ain't Me Babe (Mono)
A Walk In The Sun (Mono)
Last Laugh (Mono)
I Can't Stop
She'll Come Back
Get Away
Wrong From The Start
I Get Out Of Breath
We'll Meet Again
On A Summer's Day
Come Back
Say Girl
Tie Me Down
Flyin' High (Mono)
I Know That You'll Be There (Mono)
House Of Pain (Mono)
Just A Room (Mono)
I Need Someone (Mono)
Let Me Be (Mono)
Down In Surburbia (Mono)
Give Love A Trial (Mono)
You Baby (Mono)
Ball Bearing, Ball Bearing World (Mono)
Come Over
House On The Hill
She Always Leaves Me Laughing
How You Loved Me
Torn Between Temptation
Love In The City
Bachelor Mother
John And Julie
Hot Little Hands
Somewhere Friday Night
The Battle Of The Bands
The Last Thing I Remember
Too Much Heartsick Feeling
Oh, Daddy
Surfer Dan
I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're The Royal Macadamia Nuts)
You Showed Me