Wild Tales
Hey You (Looking At The Moon)
Prison Song
You'll Never Be The Same
And So It Goes
Grave Concern
Oh! Camil (The Winter Soldier)
I Miss You
On The Line
Another Sleep Song
On a Carousel (Remastered Version)
Carrie Anne (Remastered Version)
King Midas in Reverse (Remastered Version)
Marrakesh Express (Remastered Version)
Pre-Road Downs (Remastered Version)
Lady of the Island (Remastered Version)
Our House (Remastered Version)
Teach Your Children (Alternate Mix)
Right Between the Eyes (Demo Version)
I Used To Be A King [2008 Stereo Mix]
Military Madness
Better Days
Wounded Bird
I Used To Be A King
Be Yourself
Simple Man
Man In The Mirror
There's Only One
Sleep Song
Southbound Train
Whole Cloth
Strangers Room
Where Will I Be?
Page 43
Frozen Smiles
Girl To Be On My Mind
The Wall Song
Carry Me
Mama Lion
Take The Money And Run
Naked In The Rain
Love Work Out
Low Down Payment
Cowboy Of Dreams
Homeward Through The Haze
See You In Prague
Keep Away From Me
Innocent Eyes
Chippin' Away
Over The Wall
Don't Listen To The Rumors
Sad Eyes
Glass And Steel
I Got A Rock
Broken Bird
Time After Time
J.B.'s Blues
Taken At All
Foolish Man
Out Of The Darkness