The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry (Penguin Classics) An extensive anthology featuring numerous poets including almost forty poems by German, French, Italian, and Russian war poets in translation.
A Corner of a Foreign Field: The Illustrated Poetry of the First World War Not only contains some of the best trench poetry but also poems by women on the home front plus an impressive collection of photos.
Poems of the First World War : Never Such Innocence (Everyman) Over a hundred writers are represented in this eclectic anthology of famous and forgotten British poets, plus popular poems and songs from the Home Front.
Great Poets of World War I: Poetry from the Great War A photographic and biographical survey of the works of twelve major British war poets. Includes well over a hundred poems and a wealth of background.
Scars Upon My Heart The book's title is taken from a poem Vera Brittain wrote to her brother just before he died in the war, and includes work by many others.
Rendezvous with Death: American Poems of the Great War (American Poetry Recovery Series) Includes biographical and historical notes and presents the work of American soldiers plus male and female civilians.
A Deep Cry: First World War Soldier Poets Killed in France and Flanders Includes the poignantly short life-and-death biographies of 66 soldier-poets, both well-known and obscure, who died in France and Belgium.
Lads: Love Poetry of the Trenches A long introduction argues that many war poems reveal tenderness and emotion amounting to what might be considered homosexual among some war poets.
Lines of Fire Poems from numerous sources by over 150 ordinary American, Canadian, Australian, British and other soldiers rather than well-known poets.
The Nation's Cause: French, English and German Poetry of the First World War (Routledge Revivals) Although mainly devoted to prose, this anthology includes poems by over forty women
Unutterable Beauty First published in 1991, this book looks at the social implications of national poetry, including that of women and civilian protesters.
The Complete Poems of Joyce Kilmer (Illustrated) The collected works of Reverend Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy aka "Woodbine Willie."
Jessie Pope's war poems Forget "Trees," don't miss "Rouge Bouquet"
The Song of Tiadatha. [A poem.] Jessie Pope was a beloved British poetess, whose work is still touching and inspiring.