The Van Winkle Bride Shirine McVey awakens in a strange town married to a man she doesn't know. Where is the love of her life she loved 20 years ago?
The Rebecca Bride Zeke Milligan is keeping a dark secret from his new bride. Will the truth cost him the only true love he has ever known?

The Cowboy's Treasure A cowboy signs on to help a young woman and her four-year-old brother save the family farm from the town banker and her no-account brother.
Our Hearts Remember A tragic accident tests the love between a mother and daughter.
Accidental Angel Dr. Shane Madden’s life changed forever the day Dena Quinn saved his life. Can he get Dena to trust him?
Second Daughter Katie Curtis, the Second Daughter, seeks help from retired agent J.W. Kelley as she runs for her life from a cruel and cunning killer.

When an Angel Whispers (A Chance O'Brien Mystery Book 1) Macy Adams, a beautiful college student, is abducted by the Bayou Butcher, a vicious serial killer. Can Detective Chance O'Brien save her?
Student Body (A Chance O'Brien Mystery Book 2) Chance O'Brien investigates the murder of a pretty, blonde high school cheerleader.