Bread & Butter The Murders of Polly Frisch Bread & Butter is the true story of Polly Frisch who poisoned her family with arsenic and the five trials it took to convict her. A 19th century true crime.
The Presidents Club (The Barry-Hixon Conspiracy Book 2) As retired G-man John Hixon recovers from wounds incurred from a security detail, he is enlisted to seek the truth behind international conspiracies—and murder.
CHIMERAS: A Medical Mystery Track has a unique gift: the senses of a predator. A series of apparently unrelated murders reel him into the depths of genetic research and his own dark past.
Waiting for Harvey (The Spirits of Maine Series Book 1) Erik went into the woods of northern Maine for a vacation; three weeks of serenity. But someone or “something” was there with him. Would he make it out alive?
Fallen (Coyote Moon Book 1) Antiques restorer, Rowena, stumbles upon a hidden key and a “magic” mirror to another realm—where romance and danger awaits in an epic journey bound by fate.
Bloom and Doom (A Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery Book 1) When young Kaite is kidnapped, former nun, Giulia Falcone, goes undercover to investigate a series of kidnappings targeting the adopted children of gay couples.