Down From the Mountain: The High Plains Gunman He came to town expecting trouble. He never expected it to be wearing a skirt.
The Wrong Man When they tied him into a raw cow hide and left him to die in the desert, they chose the wrong man to hurt.
The Red Mountain Ranch War: A Mountain, a Man and a Gun Sometimes in order to have peace, you have to be willing to go to war.
Buffalo Brown's Hunt Brown was the last man you'd want hunting you.
Texas Past He shot a Texas rancher's son. The hired guns found him in New Mexico. They'd come to wish they hadn't found him.
Arizona Territory: Wrath of a Man A promise made to hang up his guns was made before he knew a man he'd sent to prison was hunting him.
The Cowhand The outlaws thought he was just a cowhand. They didn't know about his past.
Bloody Wes Teague After they kidnapped his wife, they learned why, in Texas, they called him "Bloody" Teague.
The Mountain Man He came down from the mountains to help a friend.lem. He brought the sudden ways of a mountain man with him.
KEMP Dade Kemp was a no nonsense lawman who taught one outlaw about the benefits of seeing the sun rise.