Warfare Prayer: How to Seek God's Power and Protection in the Battle to Build His Kingdom (Prayer Warrior)
Warfare Prayers (Booklet 4)
Prayers that Activate Blessings: Experience the Protection, Power & Favor of God for You & Your Loved Ones
Prayers That Rout Demons: Prayers for Defeating Demons and Overthrowing the Powers of Darkness
Prayers That Bring Healing: Overcome Sickness, Pain, and Disease. God's Healing is for You! (Prayers for Spiritual Battle)
Why Church Matters: Discovering Your Place in the Family of God
Cohabitation vs. Marriage: Why the Ring Matters
A Time to Advance: Understanding the Significance of the Hebrew Tribes and Months
Torah (Hebrew Bible)
Torah:Law or Grace? Kingdom PRINCIPLES for Kingdom LIVING
The Blessing and the Curse
The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life
The Cup, The Cake & The Coin: Keys to Honoring Spiritual Leadership