CuteZCute Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter and Stamp Kit I used these to make the kitty, panda and frog sandwiches.
CuteZCute Bento Decoration Box, Animals Food Picks and Forks Super cute animal picks great for helping small hands pick up small food.
Kotobuki Condiment Containers for Bento Box, Mini, Animal Friends Who wouldn't want to see these smiling faces when they open their lunch box? Great for holding dipping sauces.
Pantry Elements Silicone Cupcake Liners Baking Cups - 12 Pack Vibrant Muffin Cake Molds in Bonus Screw Top Storage Jar I use these in almost every lunch. They makes it easy to keep small things together and to keep things from mixing together. They're also super easy to wash.