Passion Lubes, Natural Water-based Lubricant, 8 Fluid Ounce It's non-sticky and long-lasting. Choose a water-based lube because they taste better and are non-staining.
Josi Minea Women's Beautiful Sexy Lingerie Set - One Size Fits All (fits S/M/L Sizes), Red Don't forget to pack something sexy ladies!
Kama Sutra Massage Tranquility Kit Rub downs are the fastest way to unwind and connect. The skin to skin does wonders for you both.
Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual Black Currant Vanilla Body Wash, 10 oz Vanilla is a aphrodisiac. Keep that in mind when you are packing your soap. So is chocolate, cinnamon, and roses.
Dreamgirl Women's Lace Intrigue Kimono Robe, Black, Large Try watching TV or lounging around in this (or something similar) instead ladies.
A Lover's Guide to the Kama Sutra You can flip through the pages together without insecurities coming up because it uses tasteful illustrations instead of perfect bodies.