Blood Sugar 101: What They Don't Tell You about Diabetes A must have book to understand insulin resistance and how to reverse it!
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living: An Expert Guide to Making the Life-Saving Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction Sustainable and Enjoyable My Diabetes Bible! How to properly use the Ketogenic diet to reverse blood sugar to normal non-diabetic range.
Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars Using a low carb diet to reverse high blood sugar, how to reduce insulin use for type 1 or type 2.
The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet 2014 Best Seller! How and why fat was demonized for 30 years and evidence showing why we have been wrong all along! Great read!
Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It One of my first good reads. This book explains the science of hormones and metabolism. Why and how we get fat and stay fat and how we can reverse the problem.
A Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet Manual: No Sugar, No Starch Diet Dr. Westman's ketogenic diet manual including his famous page 4 that goes along with his video.
Fat Fast Cookbook: 50 Easy Recipes to Jump Start Your Low Carb Weight Loss Great recipes for those using the "Fat Fast" to jump start weight loss or blood sugar control.
Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers Excellent read! Dr Perlmutter explains how starches and sugar affects our brain and how many common inflammatory brain issues may be reversed by eating a diet
Why Isn't My Brain Working?: A Revolutionary Understanding of Brain Decline and Effective Strategies to Recover Your Brain's Health This is one of my favorite books! You can change your brain function. Dr. Datis explains how diet, exercise and simple things like gargling can save your brai