Rock and Sand This is almost certainly the best survey and critique of Protestantism ever written from an Orthodox perspective.
Ostrov (The Island), NTSC version with English subtitles A thoroughly Orthodox film—it even opens with the Jesus Prayer—that is also beautifully filmed and acted. An absolute treasure that will inspire and move you.
The Orthodox Study Bible, Hardcover: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World Despite its flaws this is worth reading, both by Orthodox and non-Orthodox.
Light from the Christian East: An Introduction to the Orthodox Tradition Many think this is the best overall introduction to Orthodox Christianity available, supplanting *The Orthodox Church* by Timothy (Metropolitan Kallistos) Ware.
The Orthodox Church: New Edition Long in print, it is still arguably the best one-volume overview of the Orthodox Church. But read the review of it on my site, for it has some flaws.
Saint Silouan, the Athonite Find out why this book is so popular!
Thoughts for Each Day of the Year Superb Patristic commentary on the daily Epistle and Gospel readings throughout the year, by a late 19th-century Saint well acquainted with the trials and tempt
Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica One of the most important Orthodox books of recent times. A real life-changer when his wisdom is put into practice. A must read!
Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works The fascinating and wholly edifying life of an American-born monk who many consider to be a Saint. This book has something for everyone, especially converts.
Wounded by Love A beautiful and very unique book on Orthodox spiritually. Elder Porphyrios is a 20th-century Saint from Greece.
Discourses and Sayings (Cistercian Studies) This remarkable book on the Life and teachings of St. Silouan the Athonite will give you a vision of the Orthodox Faith like no other book.
The Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way One of the best "practical handbooks" on Orthodox life, written over 1500 years ago, but amazingly relevant to our day, and highly readable.
Genesis, Creation and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision A true classic on Orthodox prayer and spirituality.
Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future One of Father Seraphim's greatest works, this book will shake your faith in evolution to the core while showing you how to read and trust in the Holy Fathers.
From I-ville to You-ville by Mersine Vigopoulou (2007) Hardcover Another famous book by Blessed Father Seraphim of Platina, providing an in-depth treatment of New Age religions, the occult, UFOs, etc.
Monastic Wisdom: The Letters of Elder Joseph the Hesychast A classic children's book based on the teachings of Elder Paisios the Athonite. In its fifth printing in Greece, and now hugely popular in America.
Spiritual Counsels: Select Passages from "My Life in Christ" The remarkable letters of one of the greatest Saints of the twentieth century. He has left an amazing spiritual legacy, and these letters will deeply move you.
The Sword of the Prophet: Islam; History, Theology, Impact on the World The best single introduction to Islam, showing you that it is not a "religion of peace," as many claim. The jihad of our day is a central teaching of Islam.