A History of Russia This is the most academic of the books in my library. When I took Russian history in college, an earlier version was our go to text book.
A Brief History of Russia If you want a quick review of Russian history, this is it.
Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia Dr. Figes work on the cultural history of Russia is an amazing book. The richness of Russia and her people is truly astonishing.
Czars: Russia's rulers for over one thousand years This is the book that gave me the impetus to start the Russian Rulers History Podcast. A must have.
Russia: A History Yet another excellent overview of Russian history that I use regularly for the podcast.
Peter the Great: His Life and World Here's an exceptional volume on Peter the Great.
Tolstoy: A Biography This book, along with the one by Troyat were the ones I used for the podcast. Both have different takes on the great author.
Tolstoy Troyat is the quintessential biographer of famous Russians. An excellent piece of work.
Pushkin: A Biography
Pushkin,: A Biography