Death Panels: A Novel of Life, Liberty, and Faith A prescient book written in the early 90s by a talented author.
Full Asylum A hilarious adventure through a dystopian America.
By the Hands of Men: Book One: The Old World A surprisingly tender love story set against the background of WWI Europe.
A Few Good Men (Darkship) Breathtaking libertarian adventure on distant future Earth. (Standalone sequel to Darkship Thieves and Darkship Renegades)
On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington) The first book in David Weber's epic and bestselling Honor Harrington series.
Freehold (Freehold Series Book 1) Pure libertarian goodness wrapped in an exciting science fiction adventure.
Nine-Tenths What if traveling through time to erase a terrible mistake resulted in disaster for the world?
Pandora's Grave: Shadow Warriors Series Globehopping spec-ops terrorism thriller that is surprisingly cerebral. England will make you think.