nabi 2 (NABI2-NV7A), Black/Red Awesome tab for kids, especially now that they added the Google Play store. Use nabi mode for kids, then set it to boot into Mommy mode when they're ready.
Swiss Gear SA3118 Black with Blue Laptop Backpack - Fits Most 15 Inch Laptops and Tablets The best headphones I've ever used. Great sound. Deep bass. Very comfortable. Love the L-shaped connector. In-line mic and volume.
Hawking HWU8DD Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter I've been using my SwisGear laptop backpack for years with no issues. Can't say the same for my old Targus bag.
XNA Game Studio Express: Developing Games for Windows and the Xbox 360 I was amazed at the range of this device when I set it up for my in-laws. Would recommend the Wireless-N model now.
DAEMON (Daemon Series) I'm not much of a recreational reader, but this book really kept my attention.
Manga Mania: Chibi and Furry Characters: How to Draw the Adorable Mini-characters and Cool Cat-girls of Japanese Comics This is the book that I wrote on XNA back in 2007. The updated source is available on my site
Cartoon Cool: How to Draw New Retro-Style Characters Another of my favorite cartooning books.
VMware Fusion 5 for MAC OS X Another of my favorite cartooning books.
Humongous Book of Cartooning (Christopher Hart's Cartooning) I own several. I use this USB headset to narrate screen recordings and for skype chats. Very comfortable. Very clear.
Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy I use this for to capture videos of my game programming projects. Performs well, and has decent editing tools.
Game Architecture and Design: A New Edition When I have to run Windows, I do so with VMware Fusion. Only complaint is that OS X guest emulation doesn't use 3D hardware.
Creating Characters with Personality: For Film, TV, Animation, Video Games, and Graphic Novels Another of my favorite cartooning books.