Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint Antibacterial Hand Soap 8 Ounce Rare Discontinued First Always Clean the Skin With Anti-Bacterial Soap
ACE Reusable Cold Compress, Large, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee Convenient and ready to apply to affected skin to cool down the itching.
Tea Tree Essential Oil, Melaleuca - 100% Pure - Promotes a Healthy Immune System, Skin Cleansing and Rejuvenating Effects. 30 mL Mosquito Bite will not only stop itching, but will also heal and flatten it.
Tec Labs TECNU CalaGel: Medicated Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Gel 6 oz Clear, cortisone-free, antihistamine gel stays where you put it and stops the itch.
Benadryl Kidz Anti-Itch Gel - 3 oz instant relief of mosquito bites for kids. As soon as they are bitten, apply the ointment, and no itch.
Benadryl Topical Anti-Itch Camphor Cooling Gel for Kids, Diphenhydramine Free, Travel Size, 3 oz (Pack of 2) Helps children not to scratch any mosquito bites and prevents infection.