English Journeys the Beauties of a Cottage Garden
Reader's Digest A-Z encyclopedia of garden plants
Vegetable Gardening (1919) This is a Gardener's Bible. If I could have only one reference book, this is the one I would choose. It is the most informative, comprehensive book I have. N
Annuals & Biennials, the Best Annual and Biennial Plants and Their Uses in the Garden The reprint of a 1919 book is very informative and interesting. The quality of the pictures and print may not be perfect but it is part of the original printin
Building Gourd Birdhouses with the Fairy Gourdmother®
Taming Wildflowers: Bringing the Beauty and Splendor of Nature's Blooms into Your Own Backyard: Written by Miriam Goldberger, 2014 Edition, Publisher: St. Lynn's Press [Hardcover]