The Ultimate High-Rollers' Joke Book
21st Century Republicans
Politically Incorrect Liberal Obama Jokes: Funny Liberal Bashing Done in Good Humor; Barack Obama Jokes, Congress, Rev. Wright, & Democrats
Politically Incorrect Sick Jokes: Twisted And Strange Humor, Jokes And Rhymes Adult, Dirty, Gross Or Clean, Of Sex. Life And Weird.
Politically Incorrect Female Chauvinist Jokes About Men: A Funny Joke Book For Women Featuring Humor Both Clean And Adult About Men.
Clean Jokes For Christian Folk: funny clean jokes for catholics and protestants centering around religion
Hooker Humor: Tales From Cathouse Katie's
Politically Incorrect Liberal Obama Jokes 2010: jokes targeting his Obaminess and fellow liberals filled with conservative laughs.
Daily Obama Jokes Saves The Country: Jokes and commentary about Barack Obama, liberals, socialists and issues.
The Ultimate Book of Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead Jokes