Special - Give Us A Game
Alien Mobster (Jozeph Picasso Alien Trilogy Act Three Filmmaking Adventures Book 3)
P.D. (Puppy Dog) Brown: Learns How To Fly (Volume 1)
Alien Made: Jozeph Picasso - Alien Trilogy (Act 1) Filmmaking Adventures
Three Neo-Noir Stage Plays: Based on the Screenplays (Volume 1)
BULLET HOLE DRIVE - A PEDAL TO THE METAL CITYWIDE DEMOLITION MYSTERY (Corvair Corsa Club Series - with Worldwide Corvair Links Book 1)
Going Bad - a Neo-Noir Stage Play (Based on the Screenplay Book 1)
Prolific Screenwriter: A Simple Five-Step-Reformatting Technique that turns your outlines into screenplays.