The Art of the Painted Finish for Furniture & Decoration: Antiquing, Lacquering, Gilding & The Great Impersonators We recommend this book as an exceptional introduction to faux wood and faux stone decorative painting
Allway GT3 Graining Tool Set 3Pc These tools can start your graining effort, though you'll need to do much more by hand.
Big Check Graining Roller - 4 Inches Wide Wooden Handle and Stainless Steel Wheels The well-defined thin broken grain lines ("checks") in oak and other hardwoods is made easier with a check roller
Chromaflo 830-2009 Cal-Tint II 16-Ounce Colorants, Raw Umber Cal-tint and ChromaFlo inexpensive tinting fluids work with water-based and solvent-based mediums
Baroque Art Gilders Paste - Celtic Bronze - 1.5 Oz Tinted and Metallic Waxes can be used to highly engravings and appliques on wood furniture
Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set, 5-Piece In furniture restoration you should procure great chisels to restore ornamentation
Winsor & Newton 3239751 Liquin Original, 250ml,Multicolor Liquin can carry oil-based pigments and is ideal as a glaze. Use it to add secondary soft swirls and color variation to your project