Vitalsox Italy-Patented Compression VT1211,Large,Black I love these socks! They are so comfortable!
Harbinger Women's Flexfit Wash and Dry Weightlifting Gloves with Padded Leather Palm (Pair) (2017 Model), Purple, Medium Great gloves!
Pendlay Women's Weightlifting Shoes, Purple, Size 7
POLAR FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Watch, Blue/Lilac This helps me stay motivated by showing me a number so I can keep my heart rate in a specific range for HIIT and MISS cardio
Lifting Straps (2 Pairs/4 Straps) for Weightlifting/Cross Training/Workout/Gym/Powerlifting/Bodybuilding - Better Than Chalk & Leather - Support for Women & Men - (Black/Yellow) - 1 Year Warranty Essential for my heavy deadlifts
NOW Sports Nutrition, Dextrose Powder (Monosaccharide), Energy Production, 10-Pound Great intra and post workout carb!
Xlear XyloSweet Non-GMO Xylitol Sweetener, 5lb Bag Great low carb sweetener! Use 1:1 substitute for sugar.
Bulking Season Wristbands (Red and White)