The Superman Motion Picture Anthology, 1978-2006 [Blu-ray]
4 Film Favorites: Superman (Superman II: Special Edition, Superman III: Deluxe Edition, Superman IV: Deluxe Edition, Superman, The Movie: Special Edition) (Cover may vary)
Superman: The Movie [Blu-ray]
Superman - The Movie (Four-Disc Special Edition)
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut [Blu-ray] [English-Dolby Digital 5.1]
Superman: The Complete Animated Series (DVD)
Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition (Superman / Superman II / Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut / Superman III / Superman IV: The Quest for Peace / Superman Returns)
All-Star Superman [Blu-ray]
Man of Steel (Blu-ray)
Man of Steel (Two-Disc Special Edition DVD)