Nike+ Kinect Training - Xbox 360 The best overall fitness program for the Kinect.
Kung Fu High Impact - Xbox 360 A groundbreaking game that's as much fun as it is an intense workout.
NBA Baller Beats - Xbox 360 Outstanding use of Kinect technology used in conjunction with a real basketball.
Dance Central 3 Dance game that makes the best use of the Kinect to make sure you're dancing accurately.
Zumba Fitness Core - Nintendo Wii Excellent choice for Zumba enthusiasts; the closest you can come to a real Zumba class without being there.
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 The best "traditional fitness" title for the Kinect.
miCoach by Adidas - Xbox 360 Excellent game for aspiring athletes who want strength and conditioning training like the professionals get.
Kinect Star Wars - Xbox 360 Game that in some parts can get intense with you jumping and slashing your light saber in all directions.
Just Dance 4 - Nintendo Wii The most fun dance game on any platform.
Kinect Sports Another game where you'll be surprised how much of a workout you got afterwards.