Bonsaiboy Starter Kit - Juniper Procumbens Make Your Own Bonsai Tree All in one.
A Starter Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Tree - NEW, Cute, Cool, Very Dwarf Upright Mame Bonsai Small bonsai starter kit.
This is smaller then regular bonsai trees
categories as shohin bonsai.
Eve's Bonsai Tree Starter Kit, Complete Do-It-Yourself Kit with 4 Year Old Japanese Juniper Very easy to grow.
Nice Japanese Juniper small bonsai.
Stanwood Bonsai Tool 14-Piece Carbon Steel Shear Set and Tool Kit Discontinued by Manufacturer Best Bonsai Tool Set.
Buying bonsai tools is costly but this set is very reasonable.
Bonsai Boy's Professional Bonsai Soil - 2 lbs. (1 Qt.) Bonsai soil mix.
Ready to use you don't need to mix with other soils Recommended for beginners.
Bonsaiboy Japanese Bonsai Soil Akadama Brown - 2 lbs. (1.6 Liters) (1 Qt) Very basic bonsai soil called akadama from Japan. All bonsai grows in soils mixed with akadama.