Dead Man's Party (Album Version)
When The Lights Go Out
Flesh 'N Blood
Not My Slave
Stay (Album Version)
No Spill Blood (1988 Boingo Alive Version)
Out Of Control
Just Another Day (Album Version)
Dead Man's Party (Album Version)
Heard Somebody Cry (Album Version)
No One Lives Forever (Album Version)
Stay (Album Version)
Fool's Paradise (Album Version)
Help Me (Album Version)
Same Man I Was Before (Album Version)
Weird Science (Album Version)
Little Girls (Album Version)
Perfect System (Album Version)
On The Outside (Album Version)
Capitalism (Album Version)
You Really Got Me (Album Version)
Only A Lad (Album Version)
What You See (Album Version)
Controller (Album Version)
Imposter (Album Version)
Nasty Habits (Album Version)