The Experiment
Whispers of Razari
Rapunzel Untangled
Geek Girl
Heart on a Chain
Immortal Mine: An Immortal Life
Enchanted Fairytales: A Collection of Fairytale Retellings
Beautiful Beast (Enchanted Fairytales Book 1)
Red and the Wolf (Enchanted Fairytales Book 2)
Snow White (Enchanted Fairytales Book 3)
The Unmasking of Cinderella (Enchanted Fairytales Book 4)
The White Swan (Enchanted Fairytales Book 5)
In the Beginning (It's a Love Thing)
It's a Love Thing: Love Stories Compiled by Cindy C Bennett and Sherry Gammon
Watched (Screams in the Night: Tales of Terror)
Screams in the Night: Tales of Terror