The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs Easy-to-follow research on both treating new diagnoses of cancer and preventing the disease before it strikes.
Help Your Dog Fight Cancer: What Every Caretaker Should Know About Canine Cancer, Featuring Bullet's Survival Story, 2nd Edition An understandable overview of cancer pathology and treatment.
Cancer And Your Pet: The Complete Guide to the Latest Research, Treatments, and Options A comprehensive guide covering the latest advances in the field of pet cancer research.
Cliff and I: My Dog's Journey Through Cancer and Beyond An inspiring story of love and devotion between JoAnne and her dog, Cliff, and how they faced this disease head-on.
Breakfasts With Buster: Helping Buster Battle Bone Cancer: A Journey Through Holistic and Medical Treatments for Pets A special memoir of how the authors helped their dog, Buster B. Brown, battle bone cancer.
Sparky Fights Back : A Little Dog's Big Battle Against Cancer This riveting true story begins with Sparky's diagnosis and ends with his miraculous recovery.
The Healthy Pet Manual: A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer Covering everything from the rise in incidence to the emotional distress this book addresses cause, treatment, prevention and grief.
The Dog Cancer Diet A must-read for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis for their dog. Download this e-book for fast answers!
Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer: A Step by Step Guide Feed your dog this veterinarian recommended healthy pet diet to help fight cancer.