Klutz Scoubidou Book Kit
Extra Stuff for Scoubidou (Klutz Extra Stuff)
Scoubidou: A Book of Lanyard & Lacing (Klutz)
Pepperell RX-153 Rexlace Plastic Lacing Cord, 450-Feet, Primary
Plastic Lace Crafts for Beginners: Groovy Gimp, Super Scoubidou, and Beast Boondoggle
Cousin 34734228 Fun Packs 80-Yard Multi Craft Lace
Craft Lace 300 Feet 14/Pkg-Tie Dye
Scoubidou Strings x 40
100 Scoubidou - 80cm
Klutz Extra Stuff Scoubidou
Pepperell Flex Rex Duo 2-Sided Plastic Lace, 200-Feet
Pepperell Gimp Plastic Craft Lace, 4.5-Yard, Glow in The Dark Neon, 4 Per Package
Scoubidou A Book Of Lanyard & Lacing Scoubidou
Strings Scoubidou Scooby Craft Party Coloured Pack Kids Play Toyrific 100 Piece